About #Resolutions, Rest & Your SOUL TATTOO

The end of 2016 found me stormy inside, frustrated by a year of trying to move into and on with the next chapter of business in our story. Picture a tropical storm stuck in a circling pattern at sea. (Such a positive word picture.)

Apparently, the Heavens have thought it best for Tropical Storm Annie to remain there until some things were downgraded into less destructive, more productive rainfall without the hurricane strength and furry. Go figure. Continue reading

Why I’ve Stopped Trying So Hard To Love God

Have you ever considered the possibility of spending more energy and attention on learning to let God love you rather than tirelessly learning to love God?

WHAAAT? Sounds upside down, right?!

I couldn’t agree more, yet in the summer of 2014 we went on a vacation that opened the Continue reading