Hey! I’m Annie.

I’m Mark’s wife. I’m Eric, Garrett and Maddie’s Mom. I’m Janie’s mom-in-law (she’s married to Garrett). And last but not least, I’m good for a daily meal and brisk walk to Sam our mutt.


I’ve played a lot of different roles including chef de la maison, school lunch packer, taxi driver, stable girl (poop scooper), scullery maid and negotiator for peace between siblings

I’ve founded and owned a few businesses with my hubs over the years. Some have been multi million dollars in sales and some have lost almost that much.

I have loved every minute (ok, honestly, some moments I have not loved as much as others..) of being married, raising kids, building businesses, traveling the world and doing my best to follow my friend Jesus through the beautiful and the good and especially through the hard and the not so lovely.

After having been married to my man for 29 years, raising three amazing kids, being given the gift of an amazing daughter-in-law, celebrating the successes and weathering the failures of business, I hope some of the pearls and salt I’ve gathered along along the way will be gifts of joy, courage, laughter, reflection and love for you!

Joy to the full,


PS Just in case you were wondering, I also make a perky cup of coffee and a sassy margarita!

A few of my favorite humans on the planet 🙂

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