Learning to Lean In & Love Your Whole Story

Since February is the month of LOVE, I thought I’d continue following the calendar (albeit a Hallmark calendar) and share a lesson I recently learned about leaning into and loving my whole story.

Please tell me you have had those situations, those projects, those life lessons that can’t stop providing teachable moments?

Some of them pushing you to the brink of your adult self…as in making you want to break down into a full on tantrum and throw something breakable against the brick wall you keep hitting? I definitely got reintroduced to my inner three year old self several months ago by a painting I was working on!

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The Mean Girl In My Head & Living With Intention #SOULTATTOO

Hey there!

Thanks so much to each of you who reached out after the last post About #Resolutions, Rest & Your SOUL TATTOO and for coming along for the adventure of discovering and living out of your #SOULTATTOO.  

I am so glad some of you have decided to gather with a few of your peeps and travel together! Where two or more are gathered is such a good thing! I learned so much from my sweet friends last week as we gathered! I am so grateful for their honesty and encouragement and so look forward to going on this journey together!

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Never Forget This Place

Since 2010 I have been doing my best to chronicle my story of joy, sorrow, laughter, tears, victories, failures, courage and fear. I don’t know about you but I am such a mix! At times I feel like I have complete clarity and calm and then I am suddenly in the midst of being a hot mess. (Admittedly, there are times when hormones add to the hot mess, but I am pretty sure a lot of the mess is called being human.) Continue reading

When Our Kids Experience Pain & Disappointment

AYSO (American Youth Soccer Organization) believes that every kid who wants to play soccer should be able to play soccer. I second that! Team sports do so much for kids (and parents). However, after spending years of my life on soccer fields watching kids play soccer and their parents’ veins pop out of their fiery foreheads, I have wondered if kids may be learning more about how they do not want to behave than about how to play soccer! Continue reading

Facing My Own Book

I remember hearing about Facebook just as I was in the midst of trying to figure out how to best monitor our kids’ activity on My Space.

Facebook was apparently much better than My Space. All the cool kids were migrating there. By cool kids I don’t mean just pre-teens. My sister-in-law who is an early adopter of all things cool was happy to let me know she was up and running and already had lots of old and faraway friends she was communicating with! Continue reading

How The Sweet Fruit Of Gratitude Changed Me From The Inside Out

Life in a small town has its perks as well as its pains. Being known and being seen whenever you need to go to the market, mail a letter or walk your dog can fall into both categories depending on whether or not you have makeup on and are fully dressed.

This I know for sure, you can count on seeing almost everyone you know when your face is naked and your outfit is quickly applied. That my friend is a law of the universe I cannot explain. 🙂

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About My Stretch Marks, Tree Bark And Scars Of The Heart

If you are a female who grew into your hips at a rapid pace as an adolescent or gave birth to another human (or a man who’s desk job has rounded out your belly) then you more than likely have some stretch marks to show for your valiant efforts.

Let’s just pause for a moment and applaud the wonders of the female body! Way to go, Ladies! Yeah, hips! Yeah, bellies! Yeah, curves! Yeah, us! (C’mon guys, you know you love the female body! Let’s hear it for the girls!)

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