Learning to Lean In & Love Your Whole Story

Since February is the month of LOVE, I thought I’d continue following the calendar (albeit a Hallmark calendar) and share a lesson I recently learned about leaning into and loving my whole story.

Please tell me you have had those situations, those projects, those life lessons that can’t stop providing teachable moments?

Some of them pushing you to the brink of your adult self…as in making you want to break down into a full on tantrum and throw something breakable against the brick wall you keep hitting? I definitely got reintroduced to my inner three year old self several months ago by a painting I was working on!

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Little Steps Lead To BIG Joy

What the heck is all this business about having a #SOULTATTOO and when am I going to stop #-ing it?  That, my dear friend, is a very good question. I know that all of you do not share my same framework of faith or beliefs. And I love that! But I do firmly believe that we all want to know our life has more meaning than the life of a gnat. So hashtag #SOULTATTOO… 😉

The deal, it seems to me the older I get, is our lives are largely about learning and re-learning how to live in our own skin and out of our most genuine selves in order to play our part in this amazing story God is writing (and I do mean play because it’s about deep joy).
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The Mean Girl In My Head & Living With Intention #SOULTATTOO

Hey there!

Thanks so much to each of you who reached out after the last post About #Resolutions, Rest & Your SOUL TATTOO and for coming along for the adventure of discovering and living out of your #SOULTATTOO.  

I am so glad some of you have decided to gather with a few of your peeps and travel together! Where two or more are gathered is such a good thing! I learned so much from my sweet friends last week as we gathered! I am so grateful for their honesty and encouragement and so look forward to going on this journey together!

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About #Resolutions, Rest & Your SOUL TATTOO

The end of 2016 found me stormy inside, frustrated by a year of trying to move into and on with the next chapter of business in our story. Picture a tropical storm stuck in a circling pattern at sea. (Such a positive word picture.)

Apparently, the Heavens have thought it best for Tropical Storm Annie to remain there until some things were downgraded into less destructive, more productive rainfall without the hurricane strength and furry. Go figure. Continue reading