Facing My Own Book

I remember hearing about Facebook just as I was in the midst of trying to figure out how to best monitor our kids’ activity on My Space.

Facebook was apparently much better than My Space. All the cool kids were migrating there. By cool kids I don’t mean just pre-teens. My sister-in-law who is an early adopter of all things cool was happy to let me know she was up and running and already had lots of old and faraway friends she was communicating with! Continue reading

How The Sweet Fruit Of Gratitude Changed Me From The Inside Out

Life in a small town has its perks as well as its pains. Being known and being seen whenever you need to go to the market, mail a letter or walk your dog can fall into both categories depending on whether or not you have makeup on and are fully dressed.

This I know for sure, you can count on seeing almost everyone you know when your face is naked and your outfit is quickly applied. That my friend is a law of the universe I cannot explain. 🙂

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About My Stretch Marks, Tree Bark And Scars Of The Heart

If you are a female who grew into your hips at a rapid pace as an adolescent or gave birth to another human (or a man who’s desk job has rounded out your belly) then you more than likely have some stretch marks to show for your valiant efforts.

Let’s just pause for a moment and applaud the wonders of the female body! Way to go, Ladies! Yeah, hips! Yeah, bellies! Yeah, curves! Yeah, us! (C’mon guys, you know you love the female body! Let’s hear it for the girls!)

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Emmanuel In The Wal-Mart Parking Lot

I have lived in a small town for the better part of my adult life. There are so many pluses to living in a small community and as you might imagine there are also some downsides. Variety, for instance, in terms of places to buy the basics of life boils down to Wal-Mart.

I get personally rolled back (as they say about prices at Wal-Mart) almost every time I need to buy sugar, coffee, or TP. Continue reading

When I Disappeared

IMG_0971When I disappeared off the map, she was persistent about getting in contact with me even though I didn’t know her well. She wanted to know what had happened. “You made it all look so easy, Annie.” I heard shock and a smidge of disappointment in her voice.

It struck me as sort of funny that she thought it was all so easy and reminded me that most of us have our own hard we’re living each day even when it looks easy to those who don’t know us well…maybe even to those who do know us well. “Be kind. Everyone is fighting a hard battle,” a saying often spoken in my home growing up comes to mind.

Disappearing off the map invites some interesting and legitimate questions from those who have known you as an active community member, a business leader, an involved parent, a creative force… Continue reading